Mannatech Independent Associate
Lincoln Pickard

I have been taking Mannatech products for over 20 years.
Are you ready to improve your health and your wellness?
I asked what does "wellness" mean? Click on "wellness" to find out.
Below are some excellent videos about a few key Mannatech products.
Then meet Dr. Bill McAnally. His science started Mannatech.
Nobody believed Dr. McAnally and his new science.
His friends told him that network marketing
is the best way to get your story told.
Are your ready to build your pyramid
on a solid scientific foundation?
Pyramids don't last forever.
If you are looking at forever - buy gold.

~ + Ambrotose may enhance brain function and memory.* I play Texas Holdem folks. Ask me if it works.

For a list of Mannatech products including Ambrotose, TruPLENISH, MannaBears and Glyco-Cafe (our coffee) click here. From there hit "SHOP PRODUCTS". While window shopping you can learn more about each product by clicking on "View Details". From there you can order products.

+ "I have been taking these products for over 20 years and personally can see a huge difference in my Wellness." says Lincoln Pickard.

Mannatech backs their products with a six month guarantee. Fill out a form and return the partial or empty bottles for a refund. You will need to pay the return postage. I don't think any supplement company has more faith in their products. I believe in these products. Lincoln Pickard.

This guarantee applies to our weight loss product. I believe we are the only company with that much belief in our products.

Videos on a few Mannatech Products*:

Mannatech Plus is one of our great products. Here's 5 minutes with Dr. Steve Nugent on Mannatech Plus
Click Here

Mannatech Ambrotose and
Advanced Ambrotose: 46 minutes with Dr. Steve Nugent

Where does Manapol come from? 2 minutes

Dr. Steve Nugent and Al Bala, the Mannatech CEO & President, inform us
about Manapol Powder. Mannatech developed and patented and has
produced the highest grade aloe products in the world. 4 minutes

Incidentally, I met Dr. Bill McAnally, who was the scientist (research director) who got Mannatech started with his research on the Aloe Vera plant. Here is a link to his personal story, this is the history he shared with us and that got him interested in doing research on Aloe Vera and then working on bringing the benefits of Aloe Vera to the world. His friends told him that network marketing was the best way for people to learn about the benefits of his research into the Aloe Vera plant.

~Mannatech funded these studies and/or donated the product. Just as other companies do.
* This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.